What Makes Genflow Brands Instantly Profitable?

The future of e-commerce is influencer-led brands.

What Makes Genflow Brands Instantly Profitable?

Gone of the days that zuckerberg-esq Harvard dropouts were the entrepreneurial pioneers - in the past few years a new wave of business savvy, influential Gen Z-ers have been building fully fledged empires directly through their social media following.

The landscape of influencer marketing is continuously evolving as influential individuals become more innovative as a way to keep up with the ever growing market, with many becoming tired of sponsorship culture, looking for new ways to cultivate a career in this saturated space.

We at Genflow noticed these subtle shifts in the influencer landscape, and have since taken the e-commerce world by storm, proving there’s a more intelligent, flexible and cost effective way to launch brands.

Working with over 50 clients, including established and rising influencers stars such as Grace Beverley, Patricia Bright and Natacha Ocean, we have become pioneers of influencer white space ventures. Having launched a high volume of brands with a combined worth of $100M... You could say we’ve built the blueprint on how to launch a successful business, which are instantly profitable from day one… But why?

The No.1 struggle for all businesses is reaching new customers and achieving product/market fit (meaning you’ve found your ‘sweet spot’ in the market, and are driving sales with a dedicated audience). Arriving at this point means you have figured out exactly how to market your product, calculated the cost to acquire customers and generate revenue.

This cost of acquisition is rising day by day due to over-saturation, as more brands compete for the attention of similar people within an industry.

Now imagine you already have the attention of those people, a ready made audience at your fingertips. How much of a head start do you have over everyone else?

We have experienced these unbelievable results first hand, watching as an online following transforms into an instant consumer base overnight. Our clients brands have sold more products in one day (sometimes 1 hour!), than many brands will sell in a year, Why? Free Distribution that an influencer can provide, but more importantly as you market for an influencer brand the conversions are a staggering 6 to 1 compared to an average 2 to 1 from non-influencer brands. Through our disruptive e-commerce business model, we’ve completely flipped the world of B2C on its head!

In summary, it's faster for an influencer to acquire customers and cheaper for an influencer led brand to scale. A real life example of this is Huda Kattan who launched Huda Beauty which is now worth more than a Billion Dollars gaining a market share faster than MAC, Benefit and other notable beauty brand ‘powerhouses’.

The future of e-commerce is influencer-led brands.

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