Welcome to the New Genflow Blog!

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Welcome to the New Genflow Blog!

10 years ago, when Instagram launched, it helped fuel a brand-new economy focused on the power of individuals. It became the place to share photos and personal insights into our lives with friends, family and complete strangers across the world. A decade on and the influencer economy is shaping culture, influencing trends, launching businesses and forming connections across communities, cities and continents.

I’m proud to say that Genflow is playing a significant role in evolving the influencer economy. When I launched the company in 2016, it was from a personal mission to help turn influencers into entrepreneurs. While brand partnerships created enviable revenue, I absolutely believed that through creativity, freedom and complete authenticity, individuals would have truly limitless potential to turn their passions into successful businesses.

It's’ been an unbelievable journey across the last three years. Our business catapulted through 300% growth and today we work with 50 influencers in categories from fashion to fitness, from London and L.A. One my proudest achievements is the Genflow team - 70 ambitious, talented individuals that have created our expert full service offering across design, production, content and distribution.

As the founder and CEO, it’s been important to me from the beginning to share the lessons and inside story of Genflow with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Today I am excited to announce that this is the start of new content, directly from our team, to share the inside story. From the lessons we learnt in the early days to how we’ve adapted with COVID-19, topics that we’ll cover include entrepreneurship, culture, building brands and what it turns from influencer to entrepreneur.

We hope you like it!

Founder & CEO
Shan Hanif

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