The Growing Business Awards are coming up and we’re very proud to say that Genflow is a finalist!

TheseAwards have been a staple of the SME/entrepreneur awards season for the past 22 years, honoring and showcasing the best in British startups. This year is Genflow’s nomination in the Online Business of the Year category, is its first for these awards, but definitely not our last!

Genflow has always been an online business; it was founded to disrupt and innovate the tired models of e-commerce and online retailing while inspiring influencers to take control of their income and break free from large corporate sponsorships. Every new client we work with  becomes a new CEO of a new successful business.

It has never been more important for a company to operate online than in 2020. While many other startups have battled against the onslaught of COVID-19, and the restrictions and impact brought on by nationwide and global lockdowns and quarantines, Genflow has thrived.

By delivering high-quality products and content directly to our client’s audiences via social media, sales have grown, engagement has risen, and business is booming, for us and for our clients.

Our success has only invigorated us to double efforts during these difficult times. In fact, our plans for global expansion are still very much in place, with our eyes set on new offices in Miami, New York and Asia and expansion into new product verticals. Our client list is growing rapidly, we have a huge number of new launches in the pipeline, and many more exciting developments on the horizon.

To be shortlisted for a Growing Business Award is a tremendous honor and shows just how far we have come as a company in the last four years. Thank you to everyone who helped us make  made this happen!

To see the full list of all the finalists, and to find out more about the awards go to: