Mind of an Entrepreneur

Mind of an Entrepreneur

One of the reasons why I started Genflow is because I wanted to give myself, my team, and my clients the opportunity to create a life built around their passions. I’m frequently asked what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and the lessons I’ve learnt over the journey so far. Today it’s possible for anyone to become entrepreneurial and to start their own businesses, as Genflow has proved by launching over 70 brands for our clients. Here’ my top tips for what it really takes to succeed.

1. Following your dreams,

This can be the most daunting prospect especially in our current climate, but without risk, there is no reward. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are over-the-top or unattainable, because at its base level, your dreams and talents are what help you wade through your darkest days. Finding what excites you and what you are good at is often overlooked, but it is the foundation of every successful entrepreneur.

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is so important when starting as an entrepreneur. Studies have shown that that when you start to view yourself as your own best friend you are more likely to succeed in any capacity. This psychological trick can also stop you from judging yourself unnecessarily. Those niggling doubts that come with a lack of confidence can derail a project before you have even started. As an entrepreneur you cannot stop at the first sight of self-doubt.

3. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself

Listening to others is a waste of your time! Everyone has something to say about you and your business, and none of it matters. Advice from anyone else is only ever proportional to how well they know the real you, or how they would deal with that situation. As an entrepreneur you do not follow the set narrative, so do not settle for other people’s advice, it was never meant for you.

4. Trust your Instinct

Your instincts are underrated! In our current world, people plan years ahead of time, weighing up the logistics of everything to ensure the safest route. But safety can only get you so far leading you down the same road as everyone else. As an entrepreneur your success is based on how you cut your own course, and that can only be developed through listening to your instincts.

5. Keeping your business to yourself

Keeping your business to yourself should not be a negative attribute of an entrepreneur. You control every aspect of your business, and therefore can reap the rewards when you decide it is the right time. You are not limited either, as an entrepreneur your ability to change your course is entirely dependent on you. Keeping your ideas private frees you from answering to anyone but yourself.

Your talents are your starting points, the small echoes of what make you unique may not seem significant at the start but by developing your own self believe and relying on yourself, an individual can truly grow into the epitome of the modern entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is no longer a single stereotype, but a set of achievable and relatable mindsets. By believing in yourself, your goals and always giving yourself the room to grow anyone can become successful.

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