Meet The Team: Nellis, Head Of Content

Working across all brands at Genflow, Nellis is the king of storytelling.

Meet The Team: Nellis, Head Of Content

What do you do as the Head of Content at Genflow?
My role is to manage and oversee all our creative content for all our brands. Whether that's creating a marketing campaign video or an Instagram story for brand awareness, we do it all. Ultimately, we create content that will sell our products and services.

What's the favourite part of your role?
Every day is different and no content is the same. We are free to be creative and produce content that truly stands out and has an emotional impact on viewers. Being across both digital and physical products means we are always working on something different.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
Growing the team from initially just me to 10 people. It's amazing to see how far we have come over the past 1-2 years and the plans we have in place to continually develop. I have to admit, flying to LA and filming with A-list celebrities was cool too...

Advice for someone starting new in the content creation space?
Firstly, only do it if you have a passion for content creation. Due to the ever evolving nature of the industry, you have to be prepared to learn new skills and keep up with the trends. Also, content is heavily opinion based, so take constructive feedback from the right people and implement it into your work. It's super important to be agile and open to ideas.

You've had quite the career as a creator on YouTube...what's your biggest advice to grow a following on YouTube?
Consistency and storytelling. It's crucial to create an upload schedule you can commit to which then translates to your audience, who will know when to expect a video. Quality over quantity always. However, if your uploads are erratic, viewers' attention can quickly change - there are millions of videos to choose from.

Also, stories sell. If you can create a theme within the video, and bring the viewer on a journey, you are likely to increase their reaction time and emotional impact.

Which is your favourite content platform, and why?
YouTube, and always will be. Not only has it allowed me to be in the position I am in today, it's also a hub of all my favourite creators - in long-form content. Word on the street, a few uploads from myself coming soon!

Your favourite creator on social?
'Dude perfect' - the Kings of trick shots! I have watched their content over the past 10 years and seen them grow to over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. They are the perfect example of adapting your content and keeping it super engaging for the viewers.

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