Meet The Team: Mollie Goodman, Account Manager

Account Manager, Mollie handles a number of client relationships and their businesses. Mollie recognised the power of influence early on in her career, and saw immense growth in the creator economy, which led her to Genflow.

Meet The Team: Mollie Goodman, Account Manager

What do you do at Genflow?
There are two layers to my role as a Genflow Account Manager;

The first layer is the operations of my accounts - where I oversee the ongoing development, production, marketing and sales of each of my clients' businesses, ensuring everything is running smoothly!

The second layer is the strategic side - I help my clients carve out their long term and short term goals and build a roadmap to help them achieve them!

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
I am from an agency background, I started off working in digital, print and radio advertising. I then transitioned into a channel I saw growth in the most in a short amount of time - influencer marketing.

I quickly learnt the power of influence and saw first hand the success of this market. From this, I saw how the market was evolving, if influencers were making big corporations money through their profiles, why don’t they start their own businesses? Which is what led me to Genflow.

Describe your role in 3 words?

  • Strategic
  • Versatile
  • Rewarding

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
Launching the OLIE app. This was actually my first ever launch at Genflow so I jumped straight into the deep end by launching one of Genflow’s biggest apps.

Advice you'd give to your 18-year-old self?
Your age is not a barrier to your success.

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