Meet The Team: Matt White, Technical Product Manager

With an incredible work ethic and big products on his desk, Matt White has already broken records at Genflow.

Meet The Team: Matt White, Technical Product Manager

What do you do at Genflow?
As a Technical Product Manager, I look after some of our largest clients and products spread across App and Web. Working with my tech team, I solve business problems taking these solutions through from ideation to launch and beyond!

Where were you prior to Genflow?
Product Managers have to be multidisciplinary right? I worked for one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the world as a Junior Technical Product Manager, owning the delivery of a AWS cloud platform product.

How did you land this role?
I’d identified the creator economy as an area that I could make a real difference in as a young Product Manager. I tailored my CV to highlight why my experience was a good fit for the role, got in contact with our recruitment team via Linkedin, and after one round of competency tests and interviews and I was in.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
For me this has to be working with Lilly Sabri and helping her realise her dream of having her own fitness app. Working alongside Lilly, I took this product from ideation to launch; breaking company launch day records and reaching no.1 in the App Store charts with over 270K active users.

Advice for someone starting new in the product management space?
Experience and war stories are key to landing a role in Product Management. If you're serious about Product Management, aim to gain experience in anyway that you can. Internships and junior roles were key for me to be able to learn my trade. Most PMs stumble into product management from other roles. If you can gain and demonstrate your experience in Product Management at an early age you can really rocket fuel your career progression.

Your favourite creator?
For me this has to be Nico Leonard, there's something about his content that is just so addictive to me. The combination of celebrities, unbelievably expensive watch collections and Nico’s humour means I'm forever waiting for the next video to drop on his channel.

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