What do you do as Genflow's Business Account Manager?
Top line, I'm responsible for the commercial strategy and growth of all of the brands that I manage. Internally, I do my best to act in the best interests of our clients, to ensure the delivery and execution of brand launches from ideation to going live and all the fun times in between.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
I worked in luxury retail, first as a Global Merchandising Manager based out of Shanghai, China, travelling over half of the calendar year to our top target cities across the globe. After that, I moved to London to work on the wholesale side of the business, looking after our B2B partnerships and brand growth, here in the UK.

How did you land this role?
I always wanted to switch to an industry where I wanted to have a long-term future in, especially as I saw the world and business progressing. Genflow fit exactly that, a company that was forward-thinking, ahead of its time, and in an industry that's really just getting started. I went through the traditional route and applied on LinkedIn but was lucky to be identified as an interesting candidate due to my global work experience and profile. A few interviews and a presentation later, I was luckily offered the role as Business Account Manager!

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
1) My fellow colleagues of Genflow, who I work with on a daily basis, have been both amazing and inspiring, the relentless work ethic and positive attitude have made the daily grind so much more enjoyable.

2) LEAN with Lilly launch: Being a part of this from ideation to launch has been amazing, from a client standpoint, I couldn't think of better people to work with and to want to work hard for, we've achieved some amazing highlights so far - but only just the start!

Advice for someone starting new in the brand management space?
Organisation & Adaptability - In this role you need to be organised. There are so many moving parts constantly chopping and changing that you need to be as prepared as possible to adapt and problem solve every second of every day.

Patience & Level-Headed - Both internally and in dealing with clients, you need to be patient, all whilst also pushing forward with your client's and your agenda. There's definitely a fine line to tip-toe here, but doing this all while maintaining a level-head is huge in ensuring you're able to manage both stress and tight timelines!

Relationship Management - Work on your people skills and how you treat everyone you work with, both internally and externally. Working from home has made this so much harder. Trying to bond with clients and colleagues virtually adds an additional layer of complexity, but if you're able to find commonalities with people and treat everyone with respect, you will earn theirs back.

Your favourite creator right now?
Rhuigi Villasenor - Founder & Creative Director of RHUDE, one of my favourite fashion brands and run by a fellow Filipino, (North) American (P.S. I'm Canadian)

I respect his incredible story and hustle and how far he has come and what he's doing to represent the culture, all while making dope-ass clothing!

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