Meet The Team: James Sowerby, Genflow CBO

James has a wealth of DTC experience, and a great understanding of the influencer and creator economy.

Meet The Team: James Sowerby, Genflow CBO

Hiring C-level experts at Genflow continues...

I’m excited for James Sowerby to join Genflow as our new Chief Brand Officer. He will be taking over from Sarah Brougham, who will be moving into a VP of Business role to help Genflow grow in a more strategic way. Meanwhile, James will be overseeing all the day-to-day and growth of our current brands.

James comes with a wealth of DTC experience, and has a great understanding of the influencer and creator economy. James worked as the Head of Business Development at Avon for almost 5 years, before moving on to serve as a CEO at a tech startup called WeShop.

While my current team and I are very good at optimising a customer's journey and getting followers to buy something, what I'm not good at is how to get the rest of the world to buy something. I'm excited to work with James and have his expertise reflect on how we work on the brand side of things at Genflow.

Here's more from James and his past experience at other high-growth startups.

What is your role at Genflow?
I'm the new Chief Brand Officer. I oversee an amazing team of account managers across the UK and US who are responsible for the management and growth of Genflow's portfolio of brands. We own the development and successful execution of the commercial strategy for each business, working closely with the marketing, technology and product teams.

Tell us about your experience in the industry?
I started life in strategy consulting before moving into the corporate world as the Head of UK Strategy, and then Head of Global of New Business Development at working for Avon Cosmetics. I then went on to run a consumer tech business as their CEO, before joining a recent success story from the Berlin startup scene, Invincible Brands - a consumer brand builder that expertly leverages influencer marketing to scale brands rapidly. I’ve most recently been on the board of directors of a fitness product business, and done various pieces of advisory work with some consumer and technology businesses.

Best career advice you've ever received?
Never be afraid or too proud to ask for help.

Someone who inspires you?
My children, their relentless curiosity and desire to be happy keeps everything in perspective.

What's been a highlight of your career?
The highlight for me has definitely been working at high-growth startups. Their belief, dynamism and ambition is so energising, and I've accomplished some extraordinary things while working at startups. Plus, working with some genuinely amazing people - those are the moments you really remember.

Advice for someone starting new in the creator economy industry?
Be authentic and focus on your passion - there’s nothing more infectious.

Your favourite creator right now?

Food influencer (who you may know from Netflix show 'Restaurants On The Edge'), Dennis Prescott!

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