Meet The Team: Holly Heasman-Durham, Nutrition Coach & Recipe Developer

So, what is life actually like as a Nutrition Coach & Recipe Developer, you ask. We know not all businesses have such a role, but at Genflow, we excel in our health and fitness vertical for our clients, and Holly is one of the names behind this work.

Meet The Team: Holly Heasman-Durham, Nutrition Coach & Recipe Developer

What do you do at Genflow?
I'm a Nutrition Coach & Recipe Developer. So, as you can imagine, my house is always filled with food and my willpower is tested daily…

I work on the SHREDDY account and create nutritional video content for socials, develop meal plans for the app, write educational content and engage with the SHREDDY community. It’s such a varied job which I love, and I’m constantly broadening my knowledge (and taste buds).

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
I was working for a fitness boutique called Orangetheoryfitness as Studio Manager. We were due to open a new studio in Fulham but with Covid, everything got pushed back. I was furloughed for a year, which started off being great (British summer finally delivering)… within a month I was so very bored (cleaning the windows with a toothbrush kind of bored).

So I officially got my qualifications for nutrition and personal training and haven’t looked back since. I started my foodie page @healthby.holly, and I worked with clients on their health goals; no restrictive diets, no endless cardio circuits - all about structure, sustainability and enjoyment!

Before OTF, I had a varied career from door-to-door selling and client management, to owning a coffee stall and screen acting, I’ve covered a lot of fields and my CV is a minefield.

Describe your role in 3 words?
Fascinating, creative and delicious

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
I have two, really. The first was going to DUBAI ACTIVE with the SHREDDY team. I won’t lie, my body was in pieces after, but Lianna pushed us through and was the perfect partner-in-crime. It was so great to showcase what SHREDDY can do to a completely new market. The weather wasn’t bad either…

My second is @Shreddyclub. Over the last year, we’ve refined who SHREDDYCLUB are, and I genuinely enjoy every single recipe. The fact that our audience responds to both ‘healthy’ and ‘not so healthy’ content is such a win. As a team, we’ve worked really hard to celebrate food - even if it’s not the most nutritious - and highlight the importance of nourishment and enjoyment!

Biggest challenge of working in the nutrition industry?
The market is saturated with creators and professionals alike, and you’ve constantly got to evaluate, evolve and respond. Whether it is a trend or a new platform, you’ve got to know what’s happening before it’s happening.

I’d also say from a nutritional point of view, it’s challenging to get the right information across. There are still so many myths flying around like ‘carbs are the devil’ and ‘all fat is bad’ (to name a few). We’re seeing a nice shift in ‘fuelling the body’, but there's a long way to go - especially when these nutritional behaviours are learnt from a young age. As creators, we have a responsibility to deliver the right information and this is something you have to constantly evaluate.

Your favourite piece of content you've created yet?
In terms of taste, we posted a white chocolate and raspberry blondie recipe on SHREDDY which I can confirm was delish. We also did a roast potato reel at Christmas which performed so well (172k views), and I just really like roast potatoes (best form of potato… discuss?).

Your fav creator right now?
@fitwaffle for treats, and @danihealthyeats for a more nutritiously balanced bowl. I also love @ellamaerayner and @whitneyysimmons for their fitness and motivational content. And if you’re just looking for a giggle, @thefamileighx is a 10/10.

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