Meet The Team: Harry Cotgrove, Chief Product Officer

Managing an important department at Genflow, Harry looks after the production of all the physical products across all our brands.

Meet The Team: Harry Cotgrove, Chief Product Officer

What do you do at Genflow?
As the Chief Product Officer, my overall responsibility is for all physical product. That's everything from product design, our factory base and teams around the world, freight, warehousing and fulfilment. We have 3 warehouses, 3 core product divisions and always hundreds of thousands of products in production at any one time. There is always a lot going on!

How did you land this job?
I was working in a product design agency before, with teams on the ground in China, who were making products across beauty, electronics and textiles, and then selling these to retailers in the UK and the USA. I saw retailer orders were getting smaller and smaller while influencers were gaining power and exposure. I checked to see who was working in the product influencer space and came across Shan. In classic Genflow style, I DM'ed Shan on Instagram - two Pret-a-Manger meetings later, I joined the team to really build out the product team and infrastructure.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
Watching the team grow and bringing more expertise on board. Oh also, seeing products come to life after months of work is pretty exciting.

Advice for someone starting new in the product industry?
Be persistent and always be curious. Ask as many questions as possible: of your consumer, your factory, your freight partners.

Your favourite creator?
Big fan of Casey Neistat’s storytelling on YouTube.

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