What does your role as In-house Legal at Genflow entail?
I work across a lot of interesting and diverse projects. I help Genflow draft and negotiate its commercial agreements, including partnership service agreements for clients and our talent management team. I also look at how Genflow operates and assist from a legal perspective (from putting in place supplier agreements, working on employment agreements to GDPR-related matters), and trying my best to ensure I reduce risks for Genflow.

What did you do pre-Genflow?
I worked in private practice for a few years and also had a little in-house legal experience. I also spent 2 years starting up a dog-walking/training/daycare business where, at times, I would be surrounded by 18 dogs a day!

Best career advice you've ever received?
Be comfortable with being outside your comfort zone. Only then will you grow.

Highlight at Genflow so far?
Being in a diverse environment where every individual's input is valued. Oh, and also being able to bring my old Labrador to the office!

Advice for someone starting new in the legal space?
Aside from the law and helping the business reduce risks, I would say it is almost as important to really understand the business you work for – including what the CEO wants; the direction the business is heading in; how different stakeholders and parties interact; and taking a step back to look at processes and ways to improve the business.

Your favourite creator?
I'm a huge fan of true crime so it would probably be That Chapter.

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