Meet The Team: Fiona Rawlings, Activewear Product Developer

Meet one of the names behind our successful apparel team, designing and producing sellout products for some of the top creators in the game. It’s over to you Fiona!

Meet The Team: Fiona Rawlings, Activewear Product Developer

What do you do at Genflow?
I am the Activewear Product Developer here at Genflow specialising on our Activewear brands. Although my focus is activewear, I also work across multiple product categories such as outerwear, loungewear, and wovens.

I essentially manage each part of the development process, from working with the designers on the initial design concepts, to sourcing the right fabrics and working directly with our factory partners on sampling, right through to production and then launch.

The Mila Tribe apparel created with Alexandra Louise. Designed & produced by Genflow.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
Having grown up watching and participating in many team sports I’ve always had a huge passion for sport. Studying Sports Technology at university set me on my path of product development and in turn my desire to develop beautiful activewear products.

Prior to Genflow I was in a similar role as the Head of Product at Dreamsport developing products for multiple brands including PlayerLayer and Under Armour teamwear. I worked on numerous performance garments from tennis dresses and rugby jerseys all the way through to ski jackets and rowing suits. You name a performance garment and I’ve probably developed one!!

Describe your role in 3 words?
Collaborative, Exciting, Creative

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
Helping our creators achieve their vision for their apparel brands and seeing it all come to fruition. Creating beautiful product is such a rewarding role and seeing the client’s excitement when they see samples after the CAD designs is amazing as they start to see their ideas really come to life.

Seeing these ranges launch and the sales rolling in is so wonderful, and really shows that our creators understand their audience and what they want to achieve from their brand.

Soul Sanctuary apparel, created with Cat Meffan. Designed & produced by Genflow.

Best career advice you've ever received?
It sounds a bit cliché but be a team player! It’s critical in my role to collaborate with so many people across the business and you do your best work when you work well with the team rather than against them – so much can be accomplished when you work with others well.

Your favourite creator right now?
There’s two creators I’m really loving at the moment, @hayleymorris3 because her sketches are hilarious and worryingly too relatable, I love her brain energy and @abiclarkecomedy, her Inside ASOS HQ reels are brilliant and provide some much needed entertainment when you’re scrolling through the gram!

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