Meet The Team: Emma Smallwood, Social Media Executive

After working for industry leader Mercedes-Benz with some incredible creators, Emma knew she wanted to work for a company that's a leader in the creator economy. That's what led her to Genflow...

Meet The Team: Emma Smallwood, Social Media Executive

What do you do at Genflow?
I'm a Social Media Executive at Genflow, working across the company's social media channels, as well as our Founder and CEO Shan Hanif’s social media platforms.

I'm responsible for designing and curating social content for our suite of social channels, as well as developing and helping to execute content strategies. A key part of my role is to stay on top of all current happenings in the social media realm, as well as in the creator, tech and entrepreneur spaces. This could be anything from the launch of a creator business or new luxury brand collaboration, to platform updates or advances in the NFT or Metaverse space.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
Prior to this position, I worked in digital and influencer marketing. My most recent role was working in the content space for the full-service, brand-building agency Karla Otto, on the Mercedes-Benz client. Here, I witnessed some incredible projects and worked with some amazing creators and visionaries, from Kicki Yang Zhang and Evan Mock to Virgil Abloh and Helena Christensen.

Describe your role in 3 words?
Creative. Freedom. Challenging.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
1. The energy & culture at Genflow is like nothing I have experienced in a previous role. All the teams are incredibly driven, collaborative and supporting and it's a very positive atmosphere to be around such innovative thinkers than can take an idea to live execution in a matter of weeks.

2. It's been super exciting to watch the business grow and develop in the short time I've been here. This year, the company launched Genflow Talent, a full-service, in-house talent management agency, representing pioneering artists and digital creators. We recently launched the Genflow Talent Instagram channel, where all Talent activations and partnerships etc. are housed. It's super exciting to see the Genflow brand expand across the social media space.

Favourite app to create content on?
My favourite app to create content on would have to be Instagram, it’s the platform I have become native with growing up in my personal life and in my career. The app is incredibly saturated now, so there's a constant push to reach top engagement on posts which keeps creating content for this app a challenge.

That being said, my favourite platform to consume content on would have to be TikTok. I can get totally lost in that app. There’s something in the raw aspect of the content produced on there that is so relatable. In my own opinion, it elicits such different emotions to the other apps out there, which is why I think people love it so much! Plus, the way it has completely shifted the creator space is crazy, blowing up creators' content to millions of views and followers in a matter of weeks is mad! - something that has rarely been done on Instagram for example. Creators have been totally catapulted into success at a rate never seen on other platforms.

Advice for someone who wants to work in the social media industry?
Try to get a good understanding of numerous social media platforms. With the way social media channels and platforms are developing, becoming an expert in one platform and ignoring the rest, could seriously limit you from uncovering the potential of the others. Think about it from a creator perspective, for example, there are many creators out there who have a major following on TikTok, but not on Instagram - if you limit yourself to understanding just Instagram, you’re missing out on a whole suite of creators and their content!

Also, don’t restrict yourself by applying for social media positions in just one industry you are interested in. There’s so much out there in the social media space, and yes, it can be super exciting working for your favourite fashion brand or beauty company - but pushing yourself to work in other industries you think you might be interested in too, could open a lot of doors to you...

A major (and possibly simplest?) piece of advice, which is also really helpful when it comes to staying on top of social media and industry news, is to use Google Alerts…I know, groundbreaking right? But seriously, I set Google Alerts for around 8am every morning, so they are in my inbox first thing, and I am aware of any breaking news in my interested fields, before my working day has even started.

Your favourite creator right now?
Literally, the hardest question to answer, I’m obsessed with so many creators out there!

I love Josefine HJ’s style, the way her content has changed overtime has been really cool to watch. She’s able to pull off content and reach amazing engagement with posts that other creators just wouldn’t be able to do, all due to the way she has handled her content and community over the years.

I also love the Instagram profiles of Mathilda Djerf, Veneda Carter and Ellen Vlora - style and aesthetic heaven.

Talking TikTok - I love anything that makes me laugh on that platform (so basically my whole feed), it's a great app to escape or destress. Rod and Corporate Natalie’s content is always amazing - but I am also LOVING Francis Bourgeois' wholesome train spotting content, you need to see it!

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