What's your role at Genflow?
I joined Genflow in 2020, and I have to say it's been the most exciting, challenging and career progressing year I've had to date. As Head of Marketing my responsibilities are relatively wide, as they include all areas of Marketing with our Genflow clients (except digital).

Some of the major highlights of what I do include crafting strategies for all Genflow clients, including, advertising, communications, pricing, and market positioning supported by our creative.

At Genflow, we concentrate on a very specific hype model, so a lot of my 360 marketing focuses on this hype model and how we can get the maximum audience engagement for all of our amazing brands. Something I focus a lot of time on is ensuring our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages and promotional material).

Marketing actually focuses a lot on numbers (much more than people think!) and a large part of my role is monitoring trends, trialing new promotional tactics, reporting and tracking audience response.

Something I love about Genflow is that as a marketeer it really challenges me to diversify my tactics across different brands. I want to ensure each client gets a very bespoke marketing approach to maximise their success and speak to their very specific audiences. I spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to do this.

Something I love about working at Genflow is how inspiring and hard working the team is. Sometimes we don't always have the answers to every problem we're presented with but every single person in the company is willing to find a way and we've made some amazing things happen as a result.

What were you doing prior to Genflow?
Prior to Genflow I had been in the health/wellness space for almost 6 years. My most recent role was working as Head of Marketing UK for a very large, American Boutique Fitness franchise called OrangeTheory!

I love the fitness/wellness space and Genflow has given me the opportunity to also have the chance to work on fashion and beauty brands, as well.

How did you land this role?
I was brought on to work on one of our accounts called SHREDDY, this was because of my expertise within the fitness industry.

I think I was successful in being offered the role because of my enthusiasm and my application task. I really put a lot of effort into the task which required a 6-month marketing plan to execute a new app. I tried to think outside of the box & come up with ideas from my past experiences and apply them to how I could help Genflow.

The highlight of your time at Genflow so far?
I have so many: Number #1 being managing and designing the launch of the SHREDDY OOH campaign which included a London bus takeover and Oxford Circus takeover. It was very cool to walk to the tube or down the street and see your ad all around London.

And second was when we ran a giveaway for Shreddy that resulted in over 90,000 followers in 24 hours and 190,000 entries into the giveaway. It quickly went viral and had a huge brand impact right around Black Friday.

Best career advice for someone starting a job in marketing?
One of my old bosses once said to me "good marketing makes the company feel smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart". This is something that's stayed with me until this day. Marketing is about empowering the customer to feel they're making the right purchasing decision for themselves. As a marketeer, the aim of the game is to demonstrate value to your audience so their purchase is something that excites them.

Describe your role in 3 words?
Creative, Passionate, Data-Driven

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