Introducing Genflow Talent

Genflow Talent represents pioneering artists, storytellers, influencers, digital creators, and brands.

Introducing Genflow Talent

Since Genflow launched in 2016, we have been helping digital creators become entrepreneurs. We have empowered influencers to own their content and build their own brands.

After experiencing huge success with creators and delivering on their ultimate goal of “ownership” first, we became pioneers in turning influencers into entrepreneurs.

Shan (Genflow CEO) and I have always talked about building a management division. As we became leaders in the creator economy space, the opportunity kept presenting itself, and the white space became even more clear.

During the summer of 2020, peak pandemic, when Genflow was having its biggest and best year (yet), we knew it was time.

Simply for one reason: our talent demanded it from us.

And so, Genflow Talent was born.

Why Genflow Talent

Genflow Talent is a result of sheer demand and trust from our talent. We were already building successful brands for these creators and influencers, so our talent Management division was an effortless and organic extension of that relationship.

As a first-of-its-kind Talent Management Agency, we have created an ecosystem for talent that delivers on the ultimate goal of owning their own brand, while also strategically partnering them with the world’s leading brands.

At Genflow, we refer to this as a complete 360-degree business infrastructure that will empower talent to achieve their goals. My vision is to change the way talent are being managed in the digital space of 2021 and beyond. We’re moving the focus from quick wins to long-term strategies.

Our goal is to build a management division that represents the most influential people in the world. Our ambition is to work with a global roster of talent that spans various categories including digital, brand partnerships & endorsements, publishing, sports, and music.

How are we doing it

Genflow Talent provides full-service, in-house talent management. Our approach is holistic; we focus on content first. Everything from content ideation across multi-platforms, long-term social media strategy, career advice, synergistic brand partnerships, and media opportunities. Our end goal is for the talent to take ownership of their own brand and become an entrepreneur in their own right.

Passion is always at the forefront of what we do. When we work with new talent, we ensure they have a strong team, and access to all assets to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Our Talent

Since our initial launch, we are already representing some amazing talent worldwide including, fashion and fitness influencer Lauren Wood; Gen-Z fashion influencer Maria Beltre; beauty, fashion, and travel influencer Sandra Shehab; media personality and actress Jordyn Woods (UK and EU territories); 15-year-old fashion influencer Jodie Woods (UK and EU territories), fashion, beauty, and hair influencer Jourdan Riane; digital creator Luke Trotman, fashion and makeup influencer Siannise Fudge; Youtuber and beauty influencer Fiona Frills; and YouTuber, and digital creator Spencer Elmer. And we’re just getting started...

In just a few months, we have already cultivated some amazing partnerships for our talent with leading global brands including Skims, Boohoo, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Dior, Adidas, Amazon, Puma, Good American, and more.

Genflow Talent comes from the perspective of creating brands, and this has led us to understand the type of content that brands truly need and that gets them an ROI when working with content creators. We know how much our clients can generate in sales when selling their own brand. This gives us a data-driven approach towards brand collaborations and partnerships.

We have mastered how to unlock our talent’s voice on multiple digital platforms, and we’re very excited to share what’s to come.