As our lives become more entwined with the digital world, it’s hard to believe this once non existent role is now at centre stage of almost all brand marketing strategies. With more brands shying away from traditional methods of generating sales, towards online only experiences, there is no better time to kickstart a career in digital marketing! Why? These skills are in serious demand as the space continues to grow, and its growing… fast.

With 40% of marketing job openings now requiring digital skills, with us currently seeing twice as many job postings with a ‘digital’ focus than there were five years ago, it’s pretty cut and dry the direction in which marketing is heading.

Although industry insiders say there’s a huge disparity between the number of jobs currently available and the amount of workers possessing the correct skills to fill them! In fact, digital marketing roles take 16% longer to fill than regular marketing positions... In other words, standing out is key – and putting the time in to really understand those core skills needed to land your dream job is of the utmost importance.

So whether you’re a contractor looking to take on more clients, or an in-house specialist with an eagerness to excel up the career ladder, as an industry newbie you might be asking yourself, how can I not only be a good digital marketer, but position myself as indispensable to the brands I work with?

At Genflow we certainly hit the jackpot with our Head of Digital Marketing, aka ‘the man behind the ads’, Rob Saunders, who has decided to reveal his top 5 tips to becoming an unstoppable force in this digital space...

Complete Platform Training

Make sure you take courses such as Facebook Blueprint Twitter Flight School and Google's Digital Garage to brush up on your skills. Whilst there are loads of courses you can do, these are the most recognised, they’ll take you through set up and they are completely FREE.

Get Real Practical Training

You can start advertising on Facebook from £1 a day. Therefore, if you’re really interested there’s no reason why you can’t start running ads.

If it’s for a business you know, or you just want to try running some content for a blog you've made, digital marketing gives you real instant results – so be proactive testing and learning from your results.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off

Digital marketing gives you real results and there’s almost always something positive you can share from the work that you have done.

So make sure you start tracking those results and adding them to your CV. Don’t just mention you worked on a cool client, tell me that you increased their revenue by 20% and how you did that!

Always Be A Student

The more you know the less you know. We would strongly recommend that you start following some blogs and marketing individuals who can help you learn and give you new ideas to test.

I’d recommend subscribing to the newsletters of people like Neil Patel and Russell Brunson and companies such as Social Media Today, Marketing Land and Moz.

Get Funnel Hacking

Use Facebook Ad Library to see how competitors in your industry run their ads. This gives you a massive advantage when you’re looking to run ads for a client in an industry you know little about. Analyse the formats they use, ad copy they use, what the website looks like and you can soon be a master in any industry.

We are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic, skilled and talented people to join our Genflow family… While we currently don’t have any open digital marketing positions, Genflow is growing rapidly, and we would love to hear from anyone who is as passionate about building brands as we are!

Check out our careers page to explore open opportunities at Genflow, alternatively contact our Head of People

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