5 Tips for Aspiring Software Developers

Want a career in tech and development? Here's everything you need to ace that interview

5 Tips for Aspiring Software Developers

As technology continues to evolve as an integral part of our daily lives, the demand for technology expertise increases. With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that software developer jobs will grow by 21% between 2018 and 2028.

Those who are new to software development may find the industry overwhelming and perhaps a little intimidating, there are a vast range of skills needed to become a great developer, alongside keeping up with the fast past nature of the software landscape. While there is no magical formula that will make you the ‘best’ developer, the right mindset and drive can lead to a prosperous future in tech.

With most businesses and organisations around the world requiring some form of website, app or software development, the necessity of those who possess these skills cannot be understated. Glassdoor announced that software developers were one of the most desired and in demand career paths in both the UK and US, proving the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Here at Genflow our in-house team of developers are working across a high volume of client brands for web development, along with building, running and updating multiple apps, including the chart topping ‘SHREDDY’ and ‘Aflete’. With 15TB of content streamed each month, over 50 million app sessions and a whopping 10 million downloads.

The team plays an integral role in driving the growth of both Genflow, and our clients; with a wealth of experience in launching highly profitable and successful digital products; our head of development has decided to dispense some of his top tips for aspiring software developers.


You will run into all kinds of problems and have to come up with creative solutions, however at times it may not be as straight forward but persistence will prevail!


Tech is a continuously evolving landscape therefore it’s in your best interest to keep up with it; a natural curiosity will make this step easy for you.


Often you will revisit your previous code to extend/maintain it - why not make both yours and other collaborating developers lives easier by writing code with the foresight of extensibility. Avoid writing one-time-use solutions unless necessary.


Practise makes perfect - the best developers practise their craft constantly, when they are not “working” they are creating new things in their own time, that natural thirst to create is what drives the top performing developers.


Explore other programming languages as they are not designed for the same purpose. By having the knowledge of what’s out there you can pick the right technologies for the problems you are solving. The same way you do not use a hammer for a screw, you don’t use the same technology to solve all problems. Each tool has a purpose.

We are a growing, fast-paced team, looking for talented, creative problem-solvers to help us, and our clients reach new heights! Check out our careers page to explore open opportunities at Genflow, alternatively contact our head of talent zamen@genflow.com.

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