The Genflow 2022 culture trend forecast is here.

This is your guide to the upcoming trends, as defined by Gen-Z, that will shape our 2022:

  1. Every brand will get on the NFT train

It's already happening with Balenciaga, Nike and Louis Vuitton all launching NFTs. But we predict, it'll get bigger.

2. Cryptocurrency will become more mainstream

We predict that you'll be able to use it on Instagram Stores pretty soon!

3. Dance challenges are here to stay

2022 will see more dance challenges across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts.

4. More A-list celebrities will become A-list creators

Who's ready for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt on YouTube and TikTok?

5. Cleaner skincare will be on the rise

Think vegan makeup, skin minimalism, and less contouring.

6. The 9-5 will continue to be more redefined with more hybrid work policies

It's looking like working from home is here to stay.

7. Wearable health will become even more popular

This means analysing your health with a simple watch on your wrist, app or tech accessory.

8. At-home workouts will continue to rise in popularity

...But it's way more than a quick HIIT session — holistic wellness is the new focus of 2022.

9. Gaming is the new going-to-the-mall

2022 will see more livestreams of games, and more fashion and culture collabs with the gaming world.

10. Tech companies will race into the metaverse

Yes, a lot more aggressively than Facebook.

11. Kardashians will launch their own tokens

Mark our words. ICYMI: if you prefer your Kardashian Kontent in the form of slick, glossy, expertly produced episodes, you'll want to check out their new project with Hulu.

12. We'll stop going to the movies

All your favourite actors will get Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime deals.

13. Hey Siri, play the calm playlist

48% Of Gen-Z say they want to be calmer.

14. Genflow's audience-first approach will be seen everywhere

Creators will continue launching direct-to-consumer brands.

15. The battle of the Instagram grid aesthetic will rage on

At the end of the day, creators just want to create.

16. Social media platforms will invest more money into the Creator Economy

In 2021, over $7 billion was injected into our industry… 2022 will be bigger.

17. Podcasts and audio rooms (like Twitter Spaces) are going to get bigger

The audience is preferring to listen to their content than read or watch.

18. Mental health will be taken seriously, especially for creators

Stats show 90% of creators experience burnout.

19. Your favourite creators will become more accessible

Through the power of token economy and big media deals, your fave Tiktok or Discord creator will now become more accessible in 2022.

20. We will embrace a slower pace of life

2021 was a lot, huh? Post-pandemic social calendar was busy in 2021… but this year, everyone will take it easier.

21. People will invest more personal income into virtual assets

This includes digital identities like in-app skins and characters.

22. We will see more inclusion and representation across the board

In advertising, in content, in creators and in brand marketing.